REL Drilling Solutions

T 650

Rotary/ DTH Drilling Series

Diameter : 6″ (152.4mm) to 12-1/4″ (311mm)

Application :

Water Well

The REL T 650 Water well drill originally designed in the US, Is capable of Down the Hole and Rotary drilling from a diameter of 6 Inch to 12 ¼ Inch to a maximum depth of 300 Meters.

Designed to drill in varying strata formations from soft alluvial to hard rock conditions. The sturdy mast is designed to handle 6 Meter long rods and comes with a Six pod carousel for easy loading.

T 700

Rotary/DTH Drilling Series

Diameter : 8″ (203.2mm) to 12-1/4″ (311mm)

Application :

Water Well

REL is equipped to manufacture drills to perform at the highest of altitudes, lowest of temperatures facing the worst conditions. T 700 assures longevity through the sturdy structure that is put in place with high quality materials, carefully weld to give strength and power.

Operator comfort and safety is also of utmost importance to us. The drill provides enough work space in the cabin and provides improved visibility for easy handling.

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