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C850 D/E Big machine for a big Job!

c850 - Rotary Hole Drills

The REL C850 D/E Super Maxx Blast Hole Drills are designed through Voice Of Customer-driven goals to perform in extremely difficult rock conditions that provide up to 120,000 lbs / 54,431 kg of bit load for 11" (279mm) to 13 3/4” (349mm) diameter hole applications

The C850 D/E Rotary Blast Hole drill is built to take on the toughest of Mining conditions, designed for longevity for an overall reduced ownership cost.

  • The REL C850 D/E Rotary Blast Hole Drill Machines are designed to drill holes ranging from 11" (279mm)" to 13 - 3/4 (349mm)" inches.
  • Structurally sound heavy-duty mainframe is designed for maximum reliability in rugged terrain and mining environment, better layout of the deck, ease of maintenance and enhanced safety.
  • REL C850 D/E Super Maxx Masts designed using Finite Element Analysis to achieve high cycle fatigue resistance and less downtime and costs repairing cracks.
  • Constructed of seamless rectangular tubes braced by Quend plate strength, alloy steel, the mast provides maximum rotary carriage and drill string support.
  • Ergonomically designed, FOPS certified operator’s cab provides excellent visibility and operators comfort. Provided with a clear, unobstructed view of the drilling area and areas surrounding the drill.
  • The REL C850 D/E is available with three Autonomous Package I. Basic One touch II. Fully Autonomous III. Remotely Operated Fully Autonomous Packages.

Drilling the harshest of conditions is the speciality of REL C850 D/E

Drilling Diameter 11 to 13 3/4 inch 279 to 349 mm
Pipe Size 10 to 10-3/4 inch 254 to 273 mm
SP – Single Pass depth
Tall Mast 50 ft 15.25 m
REL Super Maxx Drill Mast 60 ft 18.3 m
MP - Multi Pass depth
Tall Mast Carousel (Three pod+one rod in rotary head) 200 ft 60 m
Compressor 2600 cfm – 100 psi 74 m3/min -7 bar
Pull Down Capacity 105,000 lbs 47,627 Kg
Pull Up Capacity 105,000 lbs 47,627 Kg
Bit Load 120,000 lbs 54431 Kg
Feed Rate Rapid 160 ft/min 48.7 m/min
Rotary Torque 13,800 FT-LBS / 8,300 FT-LBS 18,710 Nm /11,253 Nm
Rotary Speed 0-115 rpm / 0-190 rpm
HT Electric Motor 1000HP 745 kW
Engine 1125HP 839 kW
Undercarriage Double Grouser with 800mm width & sufficient rollers
Ground Bearing pressure 18.2 psi 125 kPa
Speed in slope / Plain 0.6 / 1.24 mph 1 / 2 km/hr
Weight Estimated 286,000lbs / 322,000 lbs 130,000 Kg / 146,000 Kg


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