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C620 H

C620H - Down the Hole Drills

The C620H Jack-less Down the Hole Drill is designed to drill holes ranging from a diameter of 4-1/2 inch (114.3mm) to 6-1/2 inch (165.1mm) to a maximum depth of 118 ft (36m). The C620H is built for high efficiency and productivity to drill in medium to hard Limestone, Dolomite quarries and Aggregate mines.

Robust yet compact design provides it with better manoeuvrability in tight corners and higher spacing – burden range.

Available in standard Hydraulic, Electric over Hydraulic and Fully Autonomous options based on your mining needs.

Operating at rated speed and lower load factor assures longevity of the engine, that produces abundant power to work under extreme conditions.

Drilling Diameter 4-1/2 to 6-1/2 inch 114 to 165 mm
Pipe Size 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 inch 88.9 to 114.3 mm
SP - Single Pass depth
Mast 19 ft 8 inch 6 m
MP - Multi Pass depth
Mast 5 POD 118 ft 36 m
Compressor 750 cfm – 250 psi 21.2 m3/min -17.2 bar
Pull Down Capacity 9000 lbs 4083 Kg
Pull Up Capacity 11000 lbs 4990 Kg
Feed Rate Rapid 196 ft/min 59.8 m/min
Rotary Torque 35400 in-lbs 4000 Nm
Rotary Speed 0 to 70 rpm
Engine 415 HP 309 kW
Undercarriage Triple Grouser with 450mm width & sufficient rollers
Ground Bearing pressure 14.5 psi 100 kPa
Speed in slope / Plain 0.9 / 1.86 mph 1.5 / 3.0 km/hr


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