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c750D/E - Rotary Hole Drills

The REL C750 D/E Rotary Blast Hole Drill Machines is designed to drill holes ranging from 9 inches (229mm) to 11 inches (279mm). Our Blast hole drill is available in both Electric and Diesel Variants with two mast Options. The standard mast with a maximum single pass depth of 37 ft (11.3m) The REL Super Max Mast with Maximum single pass depth of 59 ft (18m)

  • C750 D/E Blast Hole Drills journey began in 1982, and has ever since been the performer in Coal Overburden and Metal Mines
  • Designed to withstand the elements and rigors of any mining application, built for maximum strength REL C750 D/E mainframe, crawler frame, and mast structure stand up to hard rock mine conditions
  • Rugged crawlers and powerful hydraulic propel drives deliver manoeuvrability, gradeability and fast set up.
  • Angle hole drilling from 0 to 30 Degrees in steps of 5 Degrees
  • The REL C750 D/E is available with three Autonomous Package I. Basic One touch II. Fully Autonomous III. Remotely Operated Fully Autonomous Packages
  • Drills operate reliably in some of the coldest environments on the planet. The drills are equipped with the necessary heaters and insulation to protect the operator and drill from temperatures that reach -40°C
Parameters Unit C750 D C750 E
Recommended hole-diameter inch (mm) 9 to 11 (229 to 279)
Drill rod / tube diameter inch (mm) 7 to 8.625 (178 to 219)
Single pass (Standard) feet (m) 37 (11.3)
Single pass (Optional) feet (m) 59 (18)*
Multi pass capacity feet (m) 197 (60)
Drill pipe length feet (m) 40 (12.2) / 60 (18.3)
Storage capacity # 4 Pod
Rotation Torque in.lbs (Nm) 108000 (12200)
Rotation Speed rpm 0 to 150
Pull Down Capacity lbf (kN) 70000 (311)
Pull Up Capacity lbf (kN) 33000 (147)
Maximum Bit load lb (kN) 75000 (333.6)
Normal Feed rate ft/min(m/min) 12 (3.6)
Normal Hoist Rate ft/min(m/min) 25 (7.6)
Fast Feed rate ft/min(m/min) 75 (22.8)
Fast Hoist Rate ft/min(m/min) 150 (45.7)
Compressor cfm @ psi (m3/min @ bar) 1900 cfm @ 100 psi (53.8 m3/min @ 6.9 bar) 1800 cfm @ 100 psi (51 m3/min @ 6.9 bar)
Engine / Motor HP(kW) CAT C27 800 (597) Crompton Greaves 750 750(559)
Undercarriage # Triple Grouser with 900mm width and 13 lower & 3 upper rollers
Ground Bearing pressure psi(kPa) 14.35 (102.4)
Speed in slope / Plain mph (km/hr) 0.9 / 1.86 (1.5 / 3.0)
weight lbs (kg) 238099(90000-108000)


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