C650 – Built for maximum performance

The REL C650 Rotary Blast Hole drills is designed to drill clean holes of 6 1/4-inch (159mm) to 9 inch (229mm) diameter to a maximum depth of 120 ft (36.5m) using 30 ft (9m) long rods and 160 ft (48m) using 40 ft (12m) long rods. Available in three variants DH, DM, DI designed to deliver the required diameter hole based on your mining needs.

The Mast is electrically welded and made of square and rectangular steel tube mast of  robust construction to withstand adverse drilling conditions 
  • The C650 Blast Hole Drills is available with 9 meter and 13 meter single pass mast options.
  • The Mast is electrically welded square and made of rectangular steel tube mast of robust construction to withstand adverse drilling conditions
  • Cabin of the REL 650 provides maximum comfort, usability conforming to the regulatory standards.
  • The layout of the C650 Drill is designed for better serviceability with easy access to all daily check zones and regular change interval components
  • Small in size big on performance – The C650 Series drills commands with the smallest footprint in its class providing it with better Spacing burden ratios and making it easier to manoeuvre in tight corners
  • Its maximum height of 4.4 meters makes it easy for transportation along with the mast
  • The REL C650 is available with three Autonomous Package
    1. Basic One touch
    2. Fully Autonomous
    3. Remotely Operated Fully Autonomous Packages
Drilling Diameter6-1/4 to 6-3/4 inch159 to 171 mm6-3/4 to 7-7/8 inch171 to 200 mm7-7/8 to 9 inch200 to 229 mm
Pipe Size5 inch127 mm5 to 6-1/4 inch127 to 159 mm6-1/4 to 7 inch159 to 178 mm
SP – Single Pass depth
Tall Mast30 ft9 m30 ft9 m30 ft9 m
REL Maxx Drill MastNANA40 ft12 m40 ft12 m
MP – Multi Pass depth
Tall Mast30 ft9 m30 ft9 m30 ft9 m
Tall Mast Carousel(Single pod)60 ft18 m60 ft18 m60 ft18 m
(Three pod)120 ft36 m120 ft36 m120 ft36 m
REL Maxx Mast Carousel(Single pod)NANA80 ft24 m80 ft24 m
(Three pod)NANA160 ft48 m160 ft48 m
Compressor750 cfm – 75 psi21.2 m3/min – 5.2 bar900 cfm – 75 psi25.5 m3/min – 5.2 bar1050 cfm– 75 psi29.7 m3/min – 5.2 bar
Pull Down Capacity35000 lbs15900 Kg40000 lbs18100 Kg50000 lbs22700 Kg
Pull Up Capacity20000 lbs9100 Kg22000 lbs10000 Kg28000 lbs12700 Kg
Bit Load37600 lbs17060 Kg43400 lbs19700 Kg54600 lbs24800 Kg
Feed Rate Rapid60 ft/min18.3 m/min60 ft/min18.3 m/min85 ft/min25.9 m/min
Rotary Torque40000 in-lbs4520 Nm48000 in-lbs5420 Nm70000 in-lbs7910 Nm
Rotary Speed0 – 175 rpm
Engine385 HP287 kW415 HP309 kW530 HP395 kW
UndercarriageTriple Grouser with 600mm width & sufficient rollers
Ground Bearing pressure12.9 psi89 kPa11 psi76 kPa11.7 psi81 kPa
Speed in slope / Plain1.5 / 3.0 km/hr0.9 / 1.86 mph1.5 / 3.0 km/hr0.9 / 1.86 mph1.5 / 3.0 km/hr0.9 / 1.86 mph
Weight Estimated67000 lbs30400 Kg71000 lbs32200 Kg81000 lbs36700 Kg

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