T 650 

T 650

The REL T 650 Water well drill originally designed in the US, Is capable of Down the Hole and Rotary drilling from a diameter of 6 Inch to 12 ¼ Inch to a maximum depth of 300 Meters.

Designed to drill in varying strata formations from soft alluvial to hard rock conditions. The sturdy mast is designed to handle 6 Meter long rods and comes with a six pod carousel for easy loading. Flushing is made possible using 1150/900 CFM – 350 Psi Air Compressor or Mud Pump of suitable capacity.

The Drill is available with standard Hydraulic and Electric over Hydraulic Options.

Drilling Capacity
Hole Size (DTH / Rotary)152 to 311 mm6 to 12-1/4 inch
Drilling Depth300 m 1000 ft.
MountingTwo truck carriers (6 x 4) and (6 x 4 or 4 x 2)
Construction Heavy duty structural steel lattice box type.
Drill Pipe Length 6.10 m 20 ft
Feed SystemTwin chain with twin cylinder pull down
Pull down 13,600 Kgs 30,000 Lbs
Pull Up 9.070 Kgs 20,000 Lbs
Pull Up (OPT) 13,600 Kgs 30, 000 Lbs
Rotary Head
System Hydraulic motor thru gearbox
Torque 4520 / 6780 Nm 40,000 / 60,000 in-lbs
Speed 0 – 90 RPM
Air Compressor (on 2nd truck)
Type Two stage oil flooded screw type
Capacity 25.5 / 32.5 m³/min 900 / 1150 cfm
Pressure 24.1 bar 350 psi
Prime MoverTruck engine through Power Take Off (or) by a separate deck mounted Diesel Engine.
Leveling Jacks
Rear End Two Nos.
 Front End Two Nos.
 Water Injection Hyd. motor driven
 Capacity 30 LPM 8 US GPM
 Drill Pipe handling
 Pipe Loader Three of six pipes
 Pipe dia 114 mm4-1/2 inch
 Pipe Length 6.10 m 20 ft
 ControlsCompact control console grouping the controls within easy reach of operator.
 Optional Equipment Mud Pump / Hydraulic Welder / Casing Winch etc.

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