C850 – Big machine for a big Job !

The REL C850 Super Maxx Drills are designed through Voice Of Customer-driven goals to perform in extremely difficult rock conditions that provide up to 70,000 to 99,000 lbs of bit load for 311 to 349 mm diameter hole applications.
The C850 Rotary Blast Hole drill is built to take on the toughest of Mining conditions, designed for longevity for an overall reduced ownership cost. 
  • The REL C850 Rotary Blast Hole Drill Machines are designed to drill holes ranging from 9 inch to 11 inch.
  • Structurally sound heavy-duty mainframe is designed for maximum reliability in rugged terrain and mining environment, better layout of the deck, ease of maintenance and enhanced safety.
  • REL C850 Super Maxx Masts designed using Finite Element Analysis to achieve high cycle fatigue resistance and less downtime and costs repairing cracks.
  • Constructed of seamless rectangular tubes braced by Quend plate strength, alloy steel, the mast provides maximum rotary carriage and drill string support.
  • Ergonomically designed, FOPS certified operator’s cab provides excellent visibility and operators comfort. Provided with a clear, unobstructed view of the drilling area and areas surrounding the drill.
  • The REL C850 is available with three Autonomous Package I. Basic One touch II. Fully Autonomous III. Remotely Operated Fully Autonomous Packages.

Drilling the harshest of conditions is the speciality of REL C850

Drilling Method
Drilling Diameter12-1/4 to 13-3/4 inch311 to 349 mm
Pipe Size10 to 10-3/4 inch254 to 273 mm
 SP – Single Pass depth
Tall Mast50 ft15.25 m
REL Super Maxx Drill Mast60 ft18.3 m
  MP – Multi Pass depth
Tall Mast Carousel (Single pod)100 ft30.5 m
Tall Mast Carousel (Three pod)200 ft60 m
REL Super Maxx Drill Mast (Single pod)120 ft36.6 m
Compressor2600 cfm – 100 psi74 m3/min -7 bar
Pull Down Capacity99,000 lbs44920 Kg
Pull Up Capacity99,000 lbs44920 Kg
Bit Load108,000 lbs49,000 Kg
Feed Rate Rapid49.2 ft/min15 m/min
Rotary Torque115400 in-lbs13038 Nm
Rotary Speed0-100 rpm
HT Electric Motor800 HP596 kW
Engine900 HP670 kW
UndercarriageDouble Grouser with 800mm width & sufficient rollers
Ground Bearing pressure18.2 psi125 kPa
Speed in slope / Plain0.42 / 0.85 mph0.68 / 1.37 km/hr
Weight Estimated324,080 lbs / 335,103 lbs147,000 Kg / 152,000 Kg

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